How to Setup Free SSL Certificate or Get HTTPS for Your Website

Free ssl certificate

SSL certificate is so important for your website security. In this tutorial, I’m going to discuss how to get free SSL certificate for your website. Don’t need to spend money for getting SSL certificate and this is very easy to setup. In this article, I’m going to discuss the importance of SSL certificate for your website site security as well as Search engine ranking.

What is SSL?

SSL is an encryption method that used for online security. SSL certificates or https assure the customer security and save website from. When SSL is done the address will be displayed as greener.

Why do you need to setup SSL or HTTPS on your Website?

SSL certificate help you to keep your site secured also help you to get more benefits in search engine ranking.   In the below I bulleted the importance of SSL certificate or HTTPS:

  1. Your visitors feel secured
  2. You Will be more secured
  3. You can protect your site from hacking
  4. Get more benefits from Search Engine

How to get free SSL certificate?

There are many companies provides SSL certificate for 100% free. But today I’m introducing a large organization who provides free SSL certificates named Lets encrypts. If you want to take their service you have to visit their another website called SSL For Free.

What I need for Getting Free SSL Certificate?

Which thing you need to install Free SSL Certificate or add HTTPS that’s in below:

  • You Need a Main Domain like (
  • Only in Sub Domain, you can’t use it.
  • Need to full access of your site Cpanel
  • You need a Shared hosting not Dedicated Hosting

How to Setup SSL Certificate?

The step by step guidelines to setup SSL certificate in below that you can follow:

Step #1: Signup on SSL For Free ( website

Step #2: Submit your website address without HTTP. Like –

Step #3: Click on Manual Verification

Step #4: download all files

Step #5: Go to your Cpanel ->public_html

Step#6: create a folder named – (.well-known), create another folder under this, named (acme-challenge)

Step #7: Upload all files in (acme-challenge) folder.

Step #8: Go to your Cpanel SSL/TLS option

Step #9: Upload Certificate Key and Privet key.

Step #10:  Click Manage SSL sites and Select your Domain name.

Step #11: Click on Install Certificate

I hope if follow the instruction you can easy setup SSL certificate for your website and it will help you to get more benefits from the search engine.

Video Tutorial for setup free SSL certificate for your website:

If you feel any problem after following the instruction or you think something is missing, this video tutorial will help you to clear that. This video is very excellent for the beginner’s who are newly trying to setup SSL certificate or adding HTTPS with his website.


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