Google AdSense support Bangla blog and Shown Ads on Bengali Content

google adsense bangla support

This is great news for all Bangladeshi blogger who use to write bangle content because Google Adsense is now fully supporting bangle content. It was very wired and dangerous for the bangle blogger. There are many blogs that are has lost their Google Adsense account for being their bangle content. So if you want you can apply for google adsense for your bangle blog.

Is this True?

Yes this 100% secured and proved message.  last 26 September 2017 google have declared about Bangla content blog in their blog. If you need to check that, really Google AdSense in shown and support in bangle content.
bengoli in google adsense

Why I’m Excited about bangle content?

As a Bangladeshi Digital Marketer and blogger, I’m very much comfortable in bangle content than English. I can easily express my opinion and my idea in the bangle. All I think all bangle blogger will agree with me.

Why is Google Adsense important for a Blog?

Google AdSense is an affiliate program of Google. The AdSense publisher can earn a large amount of money from google adsense. When a visitor visits a blog and click on any ads then the blog owner get an amount. This amount is massive than others ads network. That’s why every blogger’s first target is google adsense.

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