Top 10 Real Estate Developer Companies in Bangladesh

real estate company in bangladesh

Since the inception of real estate sector in Bangladesh in the late 70s, Bangladesh has witnessed an exponential growth in the number of real estate companies. The sector which only had a meager 5 companies in the country has now a whopping number of more than 1100 according to REHAB and the number of real estate companies in Bangladesh list is increasing every day. Here is a list of top 10 real estate companies in Bangladesh:

Building technology and ideas ltd.

Established in 1984 building technology and ideas ltd, also known as bti has been a leading company among the Bangladeshi developer company list. They are also founding member of REHAB and ISO certified in service, design and construction. Over the years they have managed to capture people’s trust with their reliability from the beginning and have been able to maintain their position in the top 10 real estate companies of Bangladesh till now.

Navana Real Estate

Navana Real Estate is another leading name in the real estate company list in Bangladesh. This is another company that is a trusted name in the real estate market of Bangladesh.
Since the formation, the company has been working in apartments, commercial and land projects.

Concord Real Estate

One of the earliest companies to rise, Concord has been in real estate scenario of Bangladesh since 1973.  Apart from developing residential, commercial and land projects, Concord is also known for innovations and landmark development. The company has catered to the need of environment-friendly construction in Bangladesh through environment safe building material development.
It undoubtedly stands firm in the top real estate companies in Bangladesh.

Shanta Holdings Ltd.

Although established in 2005, Shanta’s foothold in real estate dates long back to 1991 as they were involved in several renowned construction projects in the country. With a dedication to aesthetics in architecture in order to provide elegant and functional living and working space to the people, Shanta Holdings Ltd. didn’t take long to emerge as a leading real estate developer in Bangladesh.

Amin Mohammad Foundation Ltd.

Amin Mohammad Foundation Ltd, a concern of Amin Mohammad group has been established in 1993. It has developed as one of the fastest growing companies in the Bangladeshi developer company list. Since its inception, the company has catered to the housing need of the growing population and has grown to be a reputed name in the real estate company list of Bangladesh over the years.

Assurance Developments Ltd.

Assurance Developments Ltd. is another company that has developed rapidly after it began its journey in 2003. So far the company has successfully completed numerous projects and aims to fulfill the accommodating needs of the population through developing quality and aesthetic residential and commercial projects.

Rangs Properties Ltd.

Rangs Properties Ltd., a concern of Rangs Group started its journey in real estate of Bangladesh in 1996. Over the decade they have partaken in completing several residential and commercial projects staying true to their quality of products of which they are a renowned name in real estate companies of Bangladesh.

Bay Development Ltd.

Another top name in the list of developer companies in Bangladesh is Bay Development Ltd. A REHAB member and with head office in North Avenue, Gulshan 2, their properties show expertise in urban architectural design. Focusing on green building technology, Bay Development has contributed largely to residential and commercial projects.


Starting its journey in 1988, Sheltech has been quite successful in the real estate arena of the country completing several projects both residential and commercial. Also a REHAB member, Sheltech is recognized for its design and construction quality. The company also received ISO certification for quality management.

Comprehensive Holdings Ltd

Comprehensive Holdings Ltd. is also another name in the emerging real estate company list of Bangladesh. It has been working on residential and commercial projects in prime locations of the city. Combining aesthetics and simplicity, they are driven to provide excellence in architectural design.

The real estate sector of Bangladesh has seen many booms and recession over the past years. But with the demand for housing, the sector has a lot of scope for developing and it is bound to stay competitive.

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