How to Search in Google – Top 12 Techniques to Search in Google

google advance search tips

Every Digital Marketer and also which people are involved with the internet should the following 12 Advance Google Search Tip or Techniques. Yes Dear, in this article I’m going to discuss the Advance Google Search Techniques that will help thus people whose are directly or indirectly involved with the internet. Such as you are a digital Marketer or a job holder in an IT sector. This article for you, by following my instruction you can easily find your search result that you actually want.

There such kinds of search technics that peoples are followed to find their specific result from google. But in this article, I’m going to discuss more important 12 Tips or technic that you can apply when you search anything in the search engine.

The 12 Advance search techniques in Google

Now I discuss the top 12 advance search techniques in Google in bellow:

  1. Search for Exact Match

Search-for-Exact-MatchWhen you know your search keywords then you can find exact match result by applying this search technique. For example, your keyword is online shopping site. Then you can search this like – “online shopping site”.


  1. Exclude words from your search

Exclude-words-from-your-searchBy the Exclude word search technique, you can remove some words those you don’t want to show your search result. For example, you are trying to find a search result for “online shopping site” but unexpectedly your local search priority basis your country result shows. So you want to remove your country site. For that situation, you can search like – “online shopping site -Bangladeshor Maybe You are trying to search “Hajj Package or offer in -Bangladeshhere Bangladesh will not be shown.


  1. Search for unknown words (*)

Search-for-unknown-wordsYou are trying to find something but unfortunately, you have forgotten the word that you want to search. In that case, you can apply the search for Unknown Words technique. In this technique, you have to use * symbol. For example: “The Largest * in the world”.


  1. Combine searches

Combine-searchesThe Combine Search Technique you can search more keywords at a time. Suppose you want to find Online shopping site and e-Commerce site. In that case, you can add “OR” in the middle of two keywords. For example: online shopping site “OR” e-commerce site.


  1. Search for a specific site

Search-for-a-specific-siteIf you want to search for any specific website then you can use this technique by using “site:”. For example

And if you find a specific topic from the specific site then you can search like – Digital Marketing.


  1. Search for related sites

Search for-related-sitesRelated site search technique is more impotent for those people who are involved with data collection. This search techniques have to use “related:” term. for example:


  1. Get details about a site

Get-details-about-a-siteBy using “info:” tag you can find a very brode search results about your search term. if you want to know details about any topic you can apply this technique. For example: info:google

  1. See Google’s cached version of a site

Google-cached-versionIf want to know about few days before the position of any website by using google cached version. It maybe one month before the result will show by this kind of search using “cache:” term. for example:

  1. Search social media

Search social-mediaAll of we know social media tag means “@” tag. We use “@” tag if we want to highlight any URL. So, if you want to search social media tag you have to use this tag like: @saifulkarim

  1. Search hashtags

Search-hashtagsIf we want to hashtags anything we use “#” tag. So if you want to search any hashtag keywords you can search like: #saiful_karim

  1. Search for a price

Some people want to know about the price of any product. In that cases, they should apply this “price search” technique using “$” symbol. For example: camera $40000.

  1. Search within a range of numbers

range-of-numbersPrice range is most important technique when you want to compare any product price. In this technique, you have to you “..” symbol. For example: camera $12000 .. $40000


So finally I strongly recommend the above search technique or tips to use properly if want to succeed in IT sector. And if you really benefited from this article, please share with your friends to help them.


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